On Thursday, The Health Experts A Single Covid-19 Case Was Reported In Pasadena

On Thursday, medical experts in Pasadena confirmed a single COVID-19 case, as they are preparing for the restoration of pandemic limitations in the coming weeks.

During the last week also, no additional fatalities occurred. However, two deaths due to Covid-19 cases were reported on June 3m 2021. But the two deaths actually occurred long before.


Sing;e Covid case reported in Pasadena

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Number of Deaths and Recorded cases

According to data from the Pasadena Department of Public health, the city’s outbreak tallies were 11.304 known cases of the infection and 349 fatalities.

According to data, an estimated 1.1 cases reported have been discovered each day in the previous week.

Authorities from the Pasadena Department of Public health and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health stated on Wednesday that starting June 15; their masking policies will be aligned with those of the state.

Immunized individuals will not be forced to wear masks, with exemptions for travelers on public transport services, in K-12 educational institutions, in healthcare organizations, in custody and detention centers, and in refugee and crisis shelters, according to officials.

Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, director of Pasadena Public Health, recommended residents to wear a mask where they are still necessary.

Pasadena To Remove Complete Covid-19 Restrictions On June 15

Goh said that COVID-19 keeps spreading freely among some of the unvaccinated.  He also stated that they are planning for the State’s complete resumption on June 15, which will include the removal of most distance and capacity limits, and that they encourage everybody to get the vaccinations. He went on to say that they possess three highly effective and safe vaccines that are the most potent weapons to safeguard their population from disease. The continuous use of proper masks as a public health safety precaution is crucial to safeguard others who are not vaccinated or not yet qualified to get the vaccine.

People Must Be Respectful To Those Who Wear Masks

While masks would no longer be necessary for several places, Huntington Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Kimberly Shriner encouraged the people to be respectful of those who like to use them.

“We are very fortunate to have successful vaccines that have helped decrease the spread of the virus, and that so many people in Pasadena and Los Angeles have accepted the vaccine so far. Also, people have been impacted by COVID-19 in many different ways. With this in mind, when you are in a public space where masks are not required, like the grocery store or a restaurant, we should respect those around us who are more comfortable continuing to wear a mask, just as much as we respect those who choose not to wear a mask,” Shriner said.

Reported Cases In LA

On Thursday, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer announced major seven COVID-19 fatalities in the region, bringing the total number of deaths to 24,414, according to City News Service.

Further 220 cases have been reported, bringing the total number of cases reported during the outbreak to 1,245,771.

According to CNS, there were 240 persons hospitalized in the county due to COVID-19 on Thursday, dropping from 244 on Wednesday, with 45 people in critical condition, the very same as the day before.

Reported Cases In California

On Thursday, the California Department of Health Services confirmed 856 infection rates and 39 deaths, resulting in a total of COVID-19 incidence and mortality to 3,693,362 cases and 62,538 deaths respectively.

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