Nursing Students Get A Huge Advantage With A Joint UHCL-ACC Agreement

Nursing Students Get A Huge Advantage With A Joint UHCL-ACC Agreement

June 11, 2021 – On June 10, ACC President Christal M. Albrecht and UH-Clear Lake President Ira K. Blake agreed in the Health Sciences and Classroom Building at UHCL Pearland, allowing ACC ADN candidates to apply to UHCL’s bachelor’s degree program, ultimately resulting in a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN).

Following earning their associate’s degree in nursing from ACC, graduates can transfer to UHCL and complete their bachelor of science in nursing with just one extra semester of education.


ADN and BSN program is a good opportunity for students

Students participating in both ADN and BSN programs, according to Blake, have a unique chance to bring value to students, healthcare practitioners, and patients. The acceptance of this cooperation agreement demonstrates a shared commitment to this unique approach to nursing practice.

The concurrent participation agreement, according to Albrecht, was crucial because it generated a larger array of trained nursing workers. She added that this is vital for the health of the community, economy, and employees.

This partnership will assist fulfill the demands of regional health care while also developing unique options for participants of both courses.

Karen Alexander, the clinical nurse specialist at UHCL and an assistant professor, said the program was designed to develop itself so that a nursing student might get the diploma in six semesters.

Karen added that the course may require four to five years if students don’t enroll.

They’re tackling the professional nursing shortage as well as developing nursing students.


The Bottom Line

The BSN can be completed in a total of four years from the commencement of the ADN to the BSN program. Candidates may register in the program in either the fall or spring semester cohorts, but they should finish the healthcare programs in the order specified in their cohort’s progression degree plan. Part-time and full-time learners are both welcome.


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