Mikaila Martin is An All-Rounder: She is Also Taking Part in The NCAA Championships

Have you ever imagined a toddler directing a show? If not, then you can see it during a University of Houston track and field practice.

However, her parents are not coaches. Her mother is a student-athlete Mikaila Martin. This week, she will compete in the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Martin also contests in the hammer throw for the University of Houston.


Martin follows a strict and healthy routine in her daily life

Mikaila Martin The NCAA Championships
Credit – Uhcougars.com


Martin said that she wakes up around 6 AM or 7 AM and accompanies her daughter, Camryn, to daycare. After dropping her at daycare, she focuses on her student-athlete commitment. She practices weightlifting, stretching, and many more fitness activities.

She also attends her graduation classes regularly and after it gets over she freshens up and gets to bed. This is her daily routine and she seems to manage everything very smoothly and also with ease.


Despite being pregnant Martin set three best records


Three and a half years ago when Martin came to know that she was pregnant she was very confused and wondered if she would be able to continue her undergraduate career after learning she was pregnant. However, Camryn is 3 years old now and Martin is nearing the end of her human resources graduate course. Despite unknowingly pregnant with Camryn, Martin even continues to create three personal bests.

“I’m not going to lie, I was scared because I’m like, ok, and I’m six months pregnant. I was still throwing at the time, so I’m like, is my baby ok? Is everything ok? But come to find out, she was perfect,” said Martin.

Martin used to have some reservations, but the fact that tennis great Serena Williams was pregnant at the same time reassured her that she could also continue her professional life.


Martin has an encouraging life story to share


“Her story encouraged me more because of the struggle she had coming back afterward,” explained Martin. “I felt that because it was a struggle. Being out of breath 24/7, and then breastfeeding and you’re swollen, but you still have to go through; I felt all of that.”

Martin has made it better with the support of her mother and trainers.

Will Blackburn, associate head coach for track and field at UH said that it was indeed a hardship for her at the beginning.

“We never looked at it like it’s going to be a problem. We always looked at it as this is awesome. Congratulations. Let’s keep up with your goals and aspirations,” said Blackburn.

Her biggest supporter will be witnessing her participate in the NCAA championships. That is all the inspiration she requires.

“It was moments where I thought I wasn’t going to make it because who can juggle a child, track, and school at the same time? But I think I’ve made it work pretty well,” said Martin.

She wants to set a goal for her daughter.

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