Meet Brenda DeRouen, Founder Of First African American Women-Owned And Operated Law Firm In Houston

Attorney Brenda DeRouen is the founder of DeRouen Law Firm, Houston’s first African American women-owned and operated law firm. DeRouen, like many other law students, went to law school with the goal of starting her career at a large law firm and progressing through the ranks.

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However, as fate would have it, that was not in her future. Rather than allowing the rejection of not being able to secure a position at a major law firm to deter her advancement, DeRouen took her circumstances and created something out of nothing. With drive and determination, she decided to start her own law firm.

That same drive and determination helped her not only start her practice successfully but also secure more revenue/business in a year than a first-year law associate.

Attorney DeRouen did not stop with opening her own practice; she also decided to help other minorities as a result of the difficulties she had in finding work after graduation. Attorney DeRouen’s firm is Houston’s first African American women-owned and operated practice.

DeRouen takes pride in her ability to assist other minority women by providing them with job opportunities, mentorship, and networking opportunities that she was not given.

Keep an eye out for more from Attorney DeRouen

Attorney DeRouen founded Women of Law, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women lawyers by connecting, inspiring, and promoting women’s advancement, with Kristy Blurton, to further her passion for assisting other minorities in the legal field.

DeRouen said she is excited to continue providing opportunities for minority women in the legal field through her firm and the non-profit Women of Law; stay tuned for more from Attorney DeRouen.

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