Mattie Parker is the present elected mayor of Fort Worth

On Saturday, May 1, the 2021 Fort Worth mayoral election was held to elect the new mayor of Fort Worth, Texas. On April 19, 2021, the voting began physically. On April 19, 2021, the voting in person began. Since neither candidate won a majority of electoral votes on May 1st, both the top two participants, that is, Peoples and Parker faced the battle in a second round of voting on June 5, 2021.

Parker is the elected Fort Worth mayor with 54% votes

Mattie Parker was elected as the mayor of Fort Worth in the second round of voting on June 5th, making her the town’s first elected mayor in the last 10 years.

Parker now has 45,130 votes (54 percent) while Peoples has 39,188 votes (46 percent).

Mattie Parker announced victory later that evening, claiming that Deborah Peoples had contacted her to surrender the election.

In her victory speech, Mattie Parker said:

“We’re going to demonstrate that a world-class city is capable of being a premier destination for people from every background, from every race, of age and experience. We are one of the best places in the country to live, work, play and raise a family.”

Parker was previously the chief of staff for Mayor Betsy Price of Fort Worth, who is stepping down. Deborah Peoples was indeed the Tarrant County Democratic Party’s former chairman.

In the May 1 election, Parker and Peoples survived out of a group of ten contestants after neither received the requisite 50 percent plus one to win a majority.

Fort Worth’s youngest mayor

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Mattie Parker has become Fort Worth’s youngest mayor following her victory.

Everyone including former mayor Price, Governor Greg Abbott, the town’s fire department, and the cops had supported Mattie Parker in the election.

Gov. Greg Abbott also congratulated Mattie Parker on her win. He said: “Congratulations to Mattie Parker on her victory to be the next Fort Worth mayor. Mattie is a true leader who will fight to build a safer and more prosperous future for the people of Fort Worth.”

Parker, who became the city’s 45th mayor, was also applauded by the former mayor Price.

Price said that Mattie seems to have a passion for serving humanity. She also has the intellectuality that is required to govern Fort Worth during this time of fast expansion and transition. He even said that Mattie’s influence will be extremely helpful on the Fort Worth City Council.

Deborah Peoples’ statement after her loss

She stated that she will struggle to ensure that many more groups have a voice at the table, that success is spread throughout her community and those leaders who represent all citizens.

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