In Tarrant County, 7-day Average Of Positive COVID-19 Testing Reaches New Highs

Tarrant County on Tuesday reported two COVID-19 deaths and 76 new cases.

A man in his 60s from Fort Worth and a man in his 70s from Arlington are among the recent pandemic-related deaths. According to authorities, both have had serious health issues.

There have been 263,411 COVID-19 cases documented in the region, with 3,568 fatalities and an anticipated 257,797 recoveries.



The number of COVID patients in hospitals rose by just 1 to 113. On Jan. 6, the pandemic’s peak was 1,528.

COVID-19 hospitalizations have reduced to 2% of the overall number of beds in Tarrant County, from 3%, and now account for 3% of the 3,690 occupied beds. Since March 23, the COVID hospitalization rate has been at or below 4%, and at or below 3% since May 25. On Jan. 10, the percentage was at a pandemic high of 38 percent.

In the North Central Texas Trauma Region, confirmed COVID patients climbed from 2.21 percent to 2.26 percent of all accessible hospital beds.

Beds in the hospitals

According to official data, hospital bed availability in Tarrant County has dropped to 79 percent from 82 percent. There still are 990 hospital beds allocated. On January 4, the epidemic low was 661.

The percentage of adults in ICU beds has dropped to 84 percent from 89 percent. On Dec. 28, the pandemic’s peak was at 99 percent.

The number of people who require a ventilator has climbed by 29 percent to 173. Individuals should use 23 percent of the county’s 767 ventilation systems.

What is the rate of positivity?

In the most recent figures seven-day average data, Tarrant County’s COVID-19 testing positivity rate climbed to 5% from 4%. On May 10, that was at a low of 5%. On Jan. 7, the rate reached a pandemic high of 30%.

Vaccination rate

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, 53.8 percent of Tarrant County individuals aged 16 and up have got at least a single dose of the vaccine, with 47.5 percent of those aged 16 and up having received all three doses.

According to the DSHS, 82.2 percent of Tarrant residents aged 65 and above have received at least one dosage, and 75.6 percent have been fully immunized. It said that more than 57.5 percent of Texas individuals aged 12 and up have received at least one dose. The percentage of fully immunized Texas people aged 12 and above is 49.3 percent.