In April, the San Antonio Police Department Released a Security Video of a Fatal Shooting at San Antonio International Airport

The San Antonio Police Department released surveillance video of a fatal shooting at San Antonio International Airport in April on Thursday.


According to a news release, the surveillance video is one of two that were released following the police department’s policy change in December 2020, which requires SAPD to release “portions of videos and 911 calls related to critical incidents involving officer-involved shootings or use of force resulting in the death of an individual.”


Camera Was Not-Activated Prior To the Incident

Although an officer was wearing a body camera during the shooting, SAPD stated that due to exceptional circumstances, the camera was not activated prior to the incident. As a result, SAPD revealed what it deemed to be an important security video from the lower terminal, which depicted the incident. There is no audio in the surveillance video.


The shooting occurred on April 15, when the suspect, Joe Gomez, 46, was seen driving the wrong way in Terminal B of the airport. According to authorities, Gomez opened fire from a highway ramp earlier in the day before making his way to the airport.


Officer John Maines of the San Antonio Park Police Department received another officer’s warning about Gomez and immediately began walking toward the suspect’s vehicle.


Gomez Is Seen, Pulling Out a Handgun, And Starting Fire On The Cop.

Gomez is seen exiting his vehicle with a revolver and opening fire on the officer, many onlookers, and passing automobiles in the footage. During the shooting engagement, Gomez is also seen firing rounds and ducking behind the driver’s side front door of his vehicle.


Maines returned fire, striking Gomez twice. However, Gomez turned the gun on himself moments later, which is cut out of the video. Gomez was brought to University Hospital and pronounced dead.


The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s examination found that Gomez’s fatal gunshot wound was self-inflicted. According to authorities, no one else was harmed in the incident, and Maines was placed on administrative leave. The shooting inquiry is still ongoing.

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