Horoscope For June 24: Checkout What Your Stars Say Today

On Monday (June 21), the summer solstice marked the beginning of the month of June. On Tuesday, Mercury’s retrograde period completed, bringing in the Cancer season. On the day the Mercury retrograde ends, though, patience will go a huge way. On June 21 at 9:57 a.m., Venus aligned with Neptune, giving tranquility and a tiny mending to all connections. From now on, things will appear to flow smoothly, and innovation will emerge naturally.

Let’s see what your stars say today.

Aries – You’ll be looking for a profound genuine connection with your family or with people you’d like to let into your life. As the retrograde of Mercury came to an end, talks would be easier to come by. However, keep in mind the promises you made in previous weeks. The digits 1 and 8 will be your lucky numbers for the day, while red will be your lucky color. Wednesday’s lucky alphabets are A, L, and E.

credit – theindianexpress.com

Taurus – Whether there are any formal or economic misunderstandings, this is the opportunity to straighten things out. In the love arena, there may be some competitiveness issues that need to be handled maturely in order for you to emerge as a stronger couple. Today, your lucky numbers are 2 and 7, and the lucky colors are white and the lucky alphabets are Ba, Va, U.

Gemini – Mercury retrograde ruled your days during the Gemini season. However, you now have the opportunity to consider what you’ve expressed or discovered. You might wish to reconsider a choice you made. The lucky numbers for the day are 3, 6, and yellow, which is the lucky color. This Wednesday’s alphabets will be Ka, Chha, and Gha.

Cancer – You’re comfortable in your own environment; after all, it’s Cancer season. There could be an incident that puts your faith in yourself or whatever you care about to the test. You may be looking for ways to exert control over your love relationship. Today, number 4 is likely to work in your favor. On June 23, the lucky color will be milky, and the lucky alphabets are Da, Ha.

Leo – This is a peaceful and relaxing time for you to think about your ambitions and relations. While you may be hesitant to believe the stranger, your competitive spirit will serve as a guide and motivator. Today’s lucky number is 5 and the color green is your lucky color. The lucky alphabets are Ma and Ta.

Virgo – It’s possible that you’ll make some deep psychological connections. For a long time, you’ve been thinking about your career and long-term ambitions. It’s possible that you’ll be able to start working on it this week. The numbers 3 and 8 will be your lucky numbers for the day, with green as the lucky color, Pa, Tha, Na as the lucky alphabets.

Libra – The efforts you give will be appreciated. You’ll be the centerpiece. Owing to your achievements, you may experience some conflict or jealousy from a friend. Keep your feet firmly on the ground. The lucky numbers for the day will be 2 and 7, and the lucky color will be white. Today’s lucky alphabets are Ra and Ta.

Scorpio –All your frustrations will be over today. Consider some thought-provoking discussions with your family or friends. Today, the lucky numbers are 1 and 8, and the lucky color is red. Also, the lucky alphabets are Na and Ya.

Sagittarius – You’ll be ready to solve any misunderstandings. There will be additional information that will allow you to go see things a bit differently. Today, the numbers 9 and 12 might be used to test your luck. With Bha, Dha, Pha, and Dha as your lucky alphabets for Wednesday, the color yellow will also be lucky for you.

Capricorn – You can lack confidence in a love relationship. You’ll be willing to work out problems with others and shine as a champion. Individuals will believe you with information and seek counsel from you. For individuals born under the sign of Capricorn, the numbers 10 and 11 will be auspicious today. The lucky color will be cyan, and the lucky alphabets will be Kha and Jha.

Aquarius – Previous romantic relationships may have reappeared in recent times. However, you should now proceed. As a result, bring them that closure they desire and concentrate on your job ambitions. The digits 10, 11 are lucky for you. Cyan is the lucky color. Ga, Sa, Sha, Sh will be your lucky alphabets.

Pisces – People who are truly familiar with you will describe you as the star of the show. It’s possible that you have a habit to beat yourself up about past failures. Do not be fooled by this. The numbers 9 and 12 are good for Pisceans. Yellow will be the lucky color, and your lucky alphabet is Da, Cha, Jha, and Tha.