General Public Has The Opportunity To Give Consent For Several Proposed Infrastructure Improvement Project in San Antonio

The amount of money allocated for decreasing traffic and reducing air pollution projects is over $300 million. The Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization needs to know how the money gets spent.


MPO authorities are taking public feedback through June 27 and will have a virtual public meeting on Tuesday at 6 p.m., where individuals may learn more and discuss issues.

The MPO received ideas from local and state organizations this year, and officials used recommended strategies to reduce the list to 68 initiatives to offer to the people. Over $670 million has been proposed in these initiatives.

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Allison Blazosky is the Alamo Area MPO’s transport planning development manager. He said that the concern is that they only have approximately $300 million to allocate among these initiatives. As a result, they urgently require the population’s cooperation in determining their preferences. He even asked which the most important project is for them.


What are the various initiatives?


  • Repairs of roadways, as well as public transportation, are among the initiatives. Bike lanes and footpaths can also be included in the initiative.
  • Modifications of the Enrique Barrera Parkway between State Highway 151 and U.S. Highway 90 are a greater development initiative for the City of San Antonio. The city asked for $13,500,000 to repair the roadway, which would include additional footpaths, bike lanes, etc.
  • Besides individuals like Maria Ruiz, who regularly commutes to businesses in the vicinity would be very happy on hearing this wonderful news.
  • Further funding options also include the Texas Department of Transportation’s plan to enhance its HERO driver’s benefits package to other sections of the region and VIA Metropolitan Transit’s quest to establish a direct bus network from Alamo Ranch to downtown San Antonio.


The final list of the recommended initiatives is yet to come  


After 27th, MPO officials will compile the feedback and prepare the finalized project which will be recommended.

When authorities analyze the geographic distribution of initiatives and the types of aspects covered, equity will be taken into account for the very first time.

Later this year, the Alamo Area MPO Transportation Policy Board will make the final call.

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