Five Most Dangerous Cities In Texas

There’s a reason Texas’s population is growing at a rate of 1,000 people each day, according to the US Census Bureau. According to WalletHub, Texas is the second most diversified city in the United States, with an outstanding state and sports culture.

“Everything is bigger in Texas,” as the cliche goes. You can say the same thing about the richer terrain, the range of weather, and, sadly, the crime rate. There are safe and risky regions, and having a clear grasp of the appropriate measures is your best bet.

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1. Bellmead

This North Texas community has a population of 10,159 individuals who appear to enjoy scavenger hunting as a pastime. It is located northeast of Waco and is one of the top 30 most dangerous cities in the United States. SafeWise ranked it 10th on the Most Dangerous list in 2017, with 10.1 violent crimes per 1,000 inhabitants and 110.5 property crimes.

2. Humble

The population of this former oil boomtown in Southeast Texas, 50 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, is 15,569 people. Humble has been named one of Texas’ most dangerous cities for several years in a row. According to an FBI data compilation by SafeWise in 2017, Humble was ranked the 12th most dangerous city in the United States, with 9.53 violent crimes per 1,000 population and 107.54 property crimes per 1,000.

3. Amarillo

Amarillo, known for its iconic steak challenge, popular theaters, and art shows, has the 14th biggest population in Texas, with 197,570 people. In terms of crime, Amarillo is on the map, with a concentration in the Northeast region. According to FBI crime statistics from 2014, it was placed fifth among Texas’ Most Dangerous Cities. This was a positive report. Separately, it ranked third in terms of crime and fourteenth in terms of police investment.

4. Houston

This Texas city has its own distinct Southern identity. The state’s motto is “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, with a population of 2,325,502 people.

5. Beaumont

According to research conducted by a Houston legal firm, Beaumont is the third most dangerous city in Texas. Residents in this area of Texas have a one in 22 probability of becoming a victim of a crime. As a result, late-night migration around the city is a source of concern. Daytime travel is often safer for both men and women.