EU Warns Spain For Exempting British From PCR

The EU warns Spain for exempting the British from PCR. Maroto calls on the CCAA to maintain the measures to lower the incidence and obtain the approval of the United Kingdom.

The European Commission warns Spain and asks for “consistency” in the relaxation of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus, since the consensus within the EU is to require a negative PCR for tourists from outside the EU who travel to a Member State, including the British. Against the last criterion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that this relaxation raises.

“It is their responsibility, but we ask for consistency for the good of EU citizens, taking into account the necessary precautions,” says the chief spokesman for the European Commission, Éric Mamer, about Spain’s decision to allow Spain to enter its territory. tourists from the UK without meeting this requirement.

For its part, the Spanish Government has defended that the change in criteria established for British travelers since May 24, according to which they are not required to present any coronavirus test regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, “is fully consistent with what has been done for many months “, despite the fact that Brussels has reminded him that the consensus in the EU is to limit travel to the” essential “with the United Kingdom and ask its travelers for a negative PCR to travel. The EU warns Spain for exempting the British from PCR.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, assures that she is willing to “convince” the British Government to authorize trips to Spain based on the epidemiological situation by autonomous communities, after her decision not to include the country as a green destination .

Spain does consider the United Kingdom a safe country, despite the fact that the EU is reluctant to add it to a reduced list of less than ten countries with which non-essential travel is allowed.

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