Car Rams Into Crowd At Texas Racetrack; 1 Dead, Seven Injured

A car plowed into a crowd at a mud racing event in Texas on Sunday night, killing one person and injuring seven others.

Willie Valadez Ramirez, 21, was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to the El Paso County Sheriff Office’s statement. “Two victims remain in critical but stable condition, and five suffered non-life-threatening injuries,” the statement added.

The incident occurred near Fabens, which is roughly 40 miles southeast of El Paso and less than a mile from the Mexican border.

1 dead, 7 hurt after a car plowed into a crowd at a Texas racetrack

Fabens, Texas racetrack scene

“… one of the vehicles exited the mud-track for unexplained reasons, striking and breaking through a guard rail,” the statement further said, adding that the vehicle collided with three other vehicles in the initial crash.

People were heard screaming in a video

Roberto Tovar, who shot video of the moment when the vehicle lost control and veered towards the crowd, said he was fine after the terrifying incident, CNN reported. People could be heard screaming in his video as the vehicle began to fishtail and collided with a cone before the video goes black.

Another footage from the aftermath shows what seems to be a white pickup truck below spectator tents. At least one person is seen on the ground, while another person kneels close to them, holding chairs and a barrel-like barrier that has been pushed over.

Drivers’ status or victims identities not known

Close to the scene, a green tractor-type vehicle and another unidentifiable vehicle appear to have passed over some kind of barrier and are under blue spectator tents. Officials did not release any additional details on the incident, including the drivers’ status or identities of the other victims.

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