BBVA Reduces The ERE To 2725 Workers

BBVA has improved the conditions of the ERE this Friday and has reduced the number of departures by another 210 through voluntary incentive leaves of absence, to 2,725, in order to reach an agreement on Tuesday. Yesterday, the bank already cut 2,935 workers affected. With this, he is close to reaching an agreement with the unions after he suffered a historic strike by the workers on Wednesday .

However, both parties have not reached a preliminary agreement and have had to extend the negotiation deadline until Tuesday, June 8. In principle, today was the last day to address the formal talks, although the deadline was expected to be extended, as it has been.

From CCOO, the majority union in the entity, they point out that with the new proposal BBVA “is close to what could be an agreement.” The offer will be analyzed in detail in the next few days in order to be able to seal a pact.

The entity has been forced in recent weeks to substantially improve the employment regulation file, whose first approach was almost 3,800 employees affected with the worst conditions in similar processes in recent decades.

To reduce the impact of departures, BBVA has committed to relocate around 700 workers in other areas of the group, especially in its remote customer service, and to reduce the number of branch closures, from 530 to 480 .

Terms and deadlines
The new conditions offered by the bank are as follows. For employees between 55 and 62 years old, it proposes 72% of the salary, with a special Social Security agreement and an annual increase of 3%. For staff joining between 53 and 54 years of age , early retirement with 55% of the salary with a special Social Security agreement and an annual increase of 3% as well.

For those between 50 and 52 years of age , compensation of 5 times 65% of salary, with a maximum of 250,000 euros, in addition to various voluntary bonuses, among which one for difficult relocation of 15,000 euros stands out.

The compensation for those under 50 years of age and seniors with less than ten years of service , the entity would pay 38 days per year, with a maximum of 24 monthly payments and different incentives, including one for a complicated external relocation. Finally, for those over 63 years of age, it offers 20 days per year, with a maximum of 12 monthly payments.

The voluntary adhesion process would begin the day after the signature of the final agreement and would end on June 30 for central services and intermediate structures. The subscription period on the network would be open until the end of July.

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