Authorities Claim A Body Was Discovered In Guadalupe River In San Antonio

Guadalupe County officials discovered a person’s body in the Guadalupe River in San Antonio on Monday afternoon.

Details of the victim

The victim was identified as 30-year-old Victor Villanueva, Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Department said.

Villanueva and a 22-year-old lady were reported missing along the FM 1117 bridge Sunday, prompting the diver’s search.

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Another body discovered 

Another woman whose name was Cassandra Kendrick was found dead. Her body was discovered at approximately 8:45 p.m. on Sunday.

The two went into the river and recovered two toddlers who were stuck in the current.

The Bottom Line

According to county officials, when Villanueva turned the kids over to Kendrick, he started to struggle, and Kendrick chased him down.

Neither of them emerged after going into the water.

According to the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office, numerous organizations are investigating the Guadalupe River for an 18-year-old missing swimmer. His name was Adrian Mares. They are investigating the river south of FM 1117.

Authorities are searching for an 18-year-old Hispanic guy who was last seen in grey swimming shorts, according to authorities.

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