After being arrested for soliciting of a minor, Texas mayor steps aside

After being accused and arrested for online solicitation of a juvenile, an East Texas mayor has withdrawn.

According to the report of the Tyler Morning Telegraph, on Friday Athens Mayor James Montgomery signed his resignation after he was arrested in an undercover sting operation.

Approximately 70 miles (112 km) southeast of Dallas, the city of Athens is located.


Mayor James Montgomery allegedly was pursuing sex online 

As per the Texas Department of Public Safety, Mayor James Montgomery and three more defendants have been detained after they met at a secret location after looking for sex online with detectives acting like juveniles.

Montgomery is 63-year-old. He is being detained by Longview police and is bailed on a bond of $300,000 on Thursday. Montgomery also did not have a lawyer or representative listed in police reports who could testify in his favor.

Authorities in Athens have stated that an intervening period mayor will be appointed within the next few days. Montgomery’s tenure was scheduled to conclude in 2023.

According to the city, the claim seems to be a grave threat. And the city of Athens doesn’t disregard these kinds of serious issues. They are looking into it carefully as they assure protection to their citizens.

Athens is very cautious regarding the safety of its citizens

“These are very serious allegations and the City of Athens does not take them lightly,” the city said in a statement. “We are committed to the protection and safety of our children. The City Council will be considering all possible actions as details become available.”

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