After A Vote, The Galveston City Council Declares Juneteenth As A Public Holiday

After A Vote, The Galveston City Council Declares Juneteenth As A Public Holiday

Juneteenth As A Public Holiday

After majority consent on June 2, the Galveston City Council declared Juneteenth as a public holiday.

Juneteenth has quite a significant symbolism in Texas, especially in Galveston, the holiday’s origins.

Also with the proclamation of General Order No. 3, Union soldiers came to Galveston in 1865 to proclaim the emancipation of all slaves. The citizens of Texas are told that, in compliance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States that all slaves are independent, according to Juneteenth’s online web page. Both masters and slaves are granted perfect equality of opportunity and possessions, and the relationship that existed previously in them is replaced by that of employer and employed laborer.

Texas is at the bottom of the list to abolish slavery

Over 2 years ever since President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the Emancipation Proclamation, the announcement of their independence was proclaimed. The Emancipation Proclamation, however, did not immediately free any slaves. Slave owners in Texas were adamant, and there was very little acknowledgment that captives had been liberated, as Texas was also the last state to learn that slavery had already been eliminated and the Civil War had also ended.

Councilman William Schuster is lucky to be a part of Juneteenth as a holiday

Juneteenth is a significant day in the history of Texas, according to Councilman William Schuster. It now imparts the ideas of liberty and equality under the law in their society. William Schuster is also lucky to be part of Galveston’s official recognition of Juneteenth as a holiday.

The Bottom Line

Since Juneteenth falls on a Friday in 2021, because June 19 falls on a Saturday, the day will be honored on Friday, June 18. Galveston’s public services will be unavailable on Sunday and will reopen on Monday.

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