After 7-month COVID-19 Struggle, Houston Woman Recuperates From Double Lung Transplant

Despite fighting a deadly COVID-19 infection over seven months and requiring a lung transplant, a former Kelsey-Seybold facility staff has now gone back home.

Irma Butron said she became ill upon returning from a visit to her parents in Laredo in January.

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She screened positive with COVID-19 a few days later, but she’s not the only one in her household to catch the virus.

Julio, her husband, her child, her brother, and her family were all exposed to the virus. Unfortunately, her brother and father passed away weeks later as a result of the pathogen’s consequences.

“I knew they were sick, and I couldn’t do anything about it. It was so hard,” said Irma.

And seeing how badly his spouse was battling to breathe, Julio stated he hurried her straight to St. Luke’s Hospital. He stated he felt he was going to lose his 36-year-old wife when doctors told him she needed to be put on a ventilator.

Her husband thought that she would not be able to survive as she was barely breathing.

Doctors then informed Irma that she would require a double lung transplant. That was the most difficult situation. She said that she became discouraged after spending months in the hospital and lacked sufficient interaction with her family.

Doctors urged her to stay strong otherwise the operation might not become successful.

The Bottom Line

In May, Irma had a successful operation, and she is still undergoing physiotherapy as part of her recuperation. Her family now claims they require assistance with medical expenditures.

The medical facility has billed Irma for almost $6,000, according to the page. Another $7,000 is required to cover the cost of the meds she will require.