A Lady Accused in Reference with The Discovery of a Child’s Death in a Motel Room– The Case is Scheduled to Appear in Court on Monday

Houston – A lady is scheduled to appear before a judge in court on Monday in association with the discovery of a child’s death in a motel room. The body discovered is believed to be that of Samuel Olson. He was a 6-year-old boy.


Samuel was killed 2 weeks before his dad registered him missing to authorities on May 27th, as per court filings.


Samuel’s father’s girlfriend was found to remove evidence


Woman charged in connection with child’s body found in a motel
Credit – CBS 58

According to records, Balboa, Samuel’s dad’s girlfriend, was accused of destroying evidence – a human dead body. She then moved from Jasper County Jail to Harris County Jail on Friday, where she will remain incarcerated pending the outcome of the inquiry. The amount of her bail was fixed at $500,000.


Balboa’s have to follow strict bond rules


If the court does not change her bail obligations, then she is going to get through a very tough situation. The documents also include no interaction with any small children and a 1,000-foot gap between them, relinquishing identity papers and any firearms, abstaining from drinking any liquor or synthetic drugs, and home imprisonment, among other things.


Investigators said the child’s body was found in a Webster apartment occupied by Balboa and a companion for days until she reportedly transferred it to a storage unit and then to a motel in Jasper. Samuel’s dad vehemently denies anything to do with his child’s death.


Texas Equusearch’s Tim Miller informed KPRC 2 that they might not even know exactly what happened to Samuel or what caused his death.


The officials are looking forward to the investigation


Miller has worked on several gruesome and difficult investigations. And he was suspicious when Balboa said that Olson was kidnapped by his mom and a man masquerading as an official.


“The morning we start with search, I actually force Theresa to do an interview (and) put out there what she knew,” he said.


What Balboa said detectives at the moment; however, is not what the court papers show that took place in the days leading up to Samuel’s disappearance.


Balboa’s allegations may be enhanced, according to the authorities.

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