A Houston Man gets “Mattress Mack” Tattooed on his Upper Arm

A Houston man has gained notoriety after getting the name of local business owner Jim McIngvale “Mattress Mack” tattooed on his upper arm.

“That’s my guy, Mattress Mack,” Franky Machorro stated.

On Friday, Machorro got his Mattress Mack tattoo at Kiss Permanent Makeup in Pasadena. According to the Houston native, he is working on a Houston-themed tattoo arm sleeve, which he began with Mattress Mack. He and tattoo artist Jose Cortez came up with the concept.

“If I leave town and people inquire, “Who is that?” [I’ll react] My name is Mattress Mack. Look him up on the internet “Machorro stated. “I have no regrets. There are none.”

“Everyone gets dragons, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary tattoos, but who gets a Mattress Mack tattoo?” Cortez inquired. “Nobody.”

McIngvale is depicted in the tattoo wearing a Houston Astros hat, a grill over his teeth, a ring on his finger, and carrying a stack of money. McIngvale, the owner of Gallery Furniture, is well-known in Houston for his years of community work and charitable contributions.

“I call him the Texas hero, or the king of Houston, because he is,” Machorro explained. “He contributes much to the community. I simply want to express my appreciation.”

Mattress Mack had never met Machorro or Cortez. We took the two to meet the man they had tattooed on Franky’s arm on Saturday.

“I adore it, Franky,” Mack replied, looking at his own tattoo. “It’s much appreciated. A lifelong dedication to Mattress Mack.”

“You’re going to be living in Houston for the rest of your life, man,” Machorro replied.

On Saturday, several employees at Gallery Furniture said the tattoo looked exactly like Mattress Mack.

“Yeah, that’s my boss,” one employee said.

Despite the fact that Mack does not have any tattoos, he expressed admiration for Machorro’s new ink.

If you’re curious, Cortez spent roughly 8 hours at Kiss Permanent Makeup getting the Mattress Mack tattoo. He claims the cost is roughly $1,000.

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