Two Masses Charged for the loss of an Eye by projectile

The judge of Barcelona Joaquín Aguirre has summoned the two Mossos d’Esquadra gunmen for the loss of an eye suffered by a possible impact of a precision ‘foam’ projectile for the next June 14 to declare as defendants. 19-year-old in the altercations protesting the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél on February 16.

Both the wound, which lost the eye, and the Iridia human rights group filed a complaint to clarify the matter. The head of the Court of Instruction number 1 of Barcelona has admitted them and has now summoned the two agents who participated in the operation.

In this sense, the judge has in his possession a report prepared by the Generalitat police and in which he identifies the mossos that intervened to disperse the concentration on the Via Augusta in Barcelona, ​​where the projectile was launched and the young woman was injured.

The complainants consider that the agent was on February 16 at the intersection of the streets of Bosch and Via Augusta, and that he was responsible for the shooting while the command was also at the scene and “authorized, ordered or, where appropriate, not prevent or diligently supervise the use of the ‘foam’ projectiles that was being carried out in an illegal way and contrary to the most elementary common sense “.

Specifically, the complaint maintains that the precision weapon was not used correctly, since the Mossos d’Esquadra protocol establishes that shots with foam projectiles must not go higher than the abdomen.

Thanks to the images of the journalists who covered the protests, the complainants have been able to identify two gunmen from the autonomous police as possible authors of the shooting, for which they request an expert in order to clarify which of them was the author.

The then ‘minister’ of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, affirmed when the complaint was filed that it must be the judge who decides if there was a misuse of the precision projectile and has clarified that, even if the justice did not appreciate it, the victim could also be compensated by the Catalan administration for the damages suffered.

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