June 17th Private Companies Would Begin the Vaccination Process

Resolution 507 maintains two major concerns for employers in June 17th, one, the degree of responsibility for the effects that the injection may have on the health or life of their immunized employees, and the second, the application initiation time, which is determined until after advanced stage 3.

Resolution 588 of the Ministry of Health established that this process will be progressively advanced in the midst of a kind of pilot plan with people between 50 and 59 years old and those of all ages with high-risk. This stage will begin with the allocation of 50,000 doses in total, but there is no start date yet.

Given the inconvenience of negotiations between some pharmaceutical companies directly with private companies, the Government negotiated so that the vaccines they receive can be purchased by private companies.

“This depends a lot on the will of the National June 17th Government and on the elimination of the barriers that exist. Entrepreneurs have been making progress and have sought solutions, but without a doubt the two variables will affect the importation of vaccines that are already available for use in the country in the short term, ”explained María Claudia Lacouture, director of AmCham Colombia, who participates in the negotiations of the businessmen together with Andi, the Trade Union Council and the SAC.

According to the directive, the private sector can be key in a mass vaccination process as the country already needs, According to Invima, so far the entity does not have any request to advance the sanitary authorization and the use of any vaccine.

In Colombia, the biologicals that have the Sanitary Authorization for Emergency Use, Asue, are Pfizer and Janssen. But on the side of Pfizer and Astrazenaca, the pharmaceutical companies have already ruled that for the moment they are going to sell it to private companies, so the possibility that private companies have on their own is with Janssen.

In the case of the Sputnik V vaccine, Julio César Aldana, director of Invima pointed out that it has not been approved for use in Colombia, because its developers or owners have not requested authorization for emergency use, but the entity has had approaches with the Russian Investment Fund and the Gamaleya Institute, to initiate information exchange and early dialogues.

Last week, in the meetings between the Government and the businessmen it was defined that the interested companies will be able to gather the resources in a trust for the purchase of the vaccines with the intermediation of the Government and thus when the private have the resources they will be able to access a lot initial 2.5 million doses to start vaccination in June.

Tecno glass’s director of operations, Chirstian revealed that the company started talks with three pharmaceutical companies and that they will have 3 million dollars to be announced in June 17th available for the purchase of between 350 thousand and one million vaccines.

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