Judge Discovers Rocio Carrasco Finance Record

Judge Veronica Carabantes, who is investigating whether Rocio Carrasco has committed a crime of non-payment of pension to her son, already has the report on the woman’s assets that she had requested. In that document, to which has had access, it is stated that Carrasco received perceptions for a total of 25,164.66 gross euros during the 2020 fiscal year.

That year, according to the complaint of her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, the The woman did not pay her son the alimony of 200 euros per month to which she has been obliged since January 2018. That fiscal year, Rocío Carrasco declared that she had entered 0.01 euros.

The equity report on Carrasco, made up of data from the Tax Agency, SEPE and Social Security, reflects that last year it received 20,000 gross euros from the magazine ‘Hola!’ In fact, in May 2020 he starred on a cover and an extensive report in which he spoke of great changes in his life .

The other two companies that appear as “retainers” (payers) of Rocío Jurado’s daughter in 2020 are the Association of Actors and Interpreters (AISGE) (3,137.08 gross euros for “courses, seminars and artistic works”) and the television production company Proamagna SL (2,027.58 euros gross).

In February 2020, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic, it was published that Rocío Carrasco and that producer, in charge of Bertín Osborne’s program , among others , had reached an agreement to make a series and a documentary about her mother.

All these data are part of the investigation into the possible crime of non-payment of open pension in court number 3 of Alcobendas (Madrid). It is about demonstrating if the woman should pay the pension and if she has sufficient financial resources to do so. On Friday, May 21.

The judge took a statement from David Flores, the second son of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores. The young man lives with his father, suffers from a genetic disease and is “economically dependent”, so another magistrate ordered his mother to pay 200 euros per month since January 2018 .

Last March, her ex-husband denounced that Carrasco has never paid that maintenance and accused her of having committed a crime of non-payment of pension, hence the judge has asked for the assets and working life of Rocío Carrasco . She was summoned on April 30, but refused to testify before the judge and has filed appeals for the complaint to be filed.

Rocío Carrasco goes through a difficult economic situation. The Community of Madrid claims 918,000 euros from her for not paying inheritance tax after receiving the inheritance from her mother, who died in 2006. She has appealed that claim, something that is pending resolution. Meanwhile, the Treasury has seized some of her possessions, such as a farm in Chipiona (Cádiz) and the villa, in the name of a company, where she lives in Madrid with her husband, Fidel Albiac.

In the penultimate chapter of the series about her life, where she recounted the mistreatment suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Rocío Carrasco explained that “I have to work and I have to do things to live, I don’t have trees that have money .” She denied that part of her mother’s inheritance is in the name of her husband.

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