Farmer from Lleida said Bear has killed one of his sheep

A farmer in the San Martí de Corilha area, in Gessa (Vall d’Aran) has reported the first bear attack of the season after finding the corpse of one of his rams. The Environment Agents of the Conselh Generau d’Aran who went to the scene of the events have affirmed that the body of the animal showed signs of having been eaten by a bear , although they have not been able to determine if the plantigrade was the cause of death.

Now, the agents have collected the remains of the animal to be analyzed, check how it has been eaten and see if the true cause of death can be determined.

Although the agents could not confirm that the ram died from a direct attack by the plantigrade, the Conselh Generau d’Aran has already announced, through a statement, that it will compensate the owner of the beef for the loss.

This thus becomes the first bear attack this spring. Currently, and according to the latest census carried out by the Brown Bear Cross-Border Monitoring group, the Pyrenean bear community stands at 52 specimens

12 more than those recorded in the previous year. These animals, which have already established their lives in the Pyrenees , will begin to come out of their caves during these hot days, at which time they end hibernation.

During the winter months, many animals plunge into a state of lethargy that slows their heart rate to the point that they look like a corpse. During this period, bears do not feed.

But subsist on the energy reserves that their bodies store during the rest of the year. For this reason, it is predicted that more hungry bears will begin to be seen in the Pyrenees in the coming days .

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