The Epidemiologists Alert To The Communities

The Spanish Epidemiology Society has advised this Tuesday to limit mobility as much as possible in the face of Holy Week and a ten-day quarantine and a negative CRP to those traveling from countries where transmission is high or is increasing.

The pediatrician and clinical epidemiologist Quique Bassat.
Dr. Quique Bassat points out that “the fourth wave is inevitable” and proposes that PCR be requested at land borders
With Easter just around the corner, epidemiologists are concerned about the hospital occupancy figures and the high incidences of covid-19 that other countries also present , as explained in a statement.

Fearing that transmission will increase as occurred after the summer and Christmas de-escalations, and the trend observed in some autonomous communities, the Spanish Epidemiology Society (SEE) calls for prudence to avoid “a new blow from the virus or minimize its impact. ”

In the event of an increase in transmission, they emphasize , “the territories should backtrack on their de-escalation plans .”

High hospital pressure
The indicators of cumulative incidence that were decreasing “have stagnated or even increased in some autonomous communities, and hospital pressure continues to be high throughout the country, in general terms.”

The concern, they insist, is that as a result of an increase in cases after Easter , income will increase and “worrying” occupancy levels will be generated.

“This would translate into an upturn in deaths and would also have serious consequences for the treatment and diagnosis of many other non-COVID-19 pathologies, such as cancer and chronic diseases in general, and also other communicable diseases such as tuberculosis,” they add.

In view of the ascending contagion curves that other neighboring countries present, the experts urge the health authorities to be vigilant in the face of any change in trend in the autonomous communities.

Quarantines of travelers
“In fact, for all travelers who come from countries with high accumulated incidents and plan to spend their holidays in Spain”, this scientific society recommends establishing a ten-day quarantine and a recent negative PCR.

The president of the Government, Francina Armengol, during the plenary session of the Parliament.Armengol, on the measures: “We must avoid infections to market the summer season, not Easter”.

On the other hand, they emphasize that despite the beginning of vaccination, there is still a large population vulnerable to the virus that could become infected , therefore it is “crucial” that the unvaccinated as well as the immunized comply with safety, prevention and hygiene measures.

“Although the effectiveness of vaccines has been demonstrated in preventing the development of serious symptoms, it has not yet been fully demonstrated that those vaccinated are exempt from being infected and that they can infect others, being able to spread the disease.

Although it is recommended to limit travel as much as possible, an increase is expected during Holy Week, therefore “the correct use of a mask, hand hygiene, social distance and ventilation of closed spaces continue being fundamental “, as well as reducing the activity in closed spaces, not sufficiently ventilated and with an agglomeration of people.

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