Government Will Not Create An Aqueduct To Vote In Madrid

That next May 4 is a holiday in the Community of Madrid so that citizens have no problem voting in elections or staying in the care of their children on a day declared non-teaching will depend on the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso because the central government does not plan to declare it festive.

The spokesperson for the central government, María Jesús Montero, has indicated that, in the same way that Díaz Ayuso decided to call elections, it should be she who decides to assign one of the autonomic holidays if the May 4 works or not.

“The Community of Madrid has powers if it understands that it can do it,” said Montero on an issue, that of making a holiday on May 4, which has not been discussed within the Council of Ministers. “It does not seem logical that it is the Government of Spain that has to make the decision,” he added.

Montero has ruled out that the central government is going to make a decision that would turn the bridge for Community Day, May 2, into a true ‘aqueduct’. On May 1, Saturday, is a holiday for International Labor Day and the next day, May 2, it is in the Community for the regional holiday. As it is Sunday, the holiday is moved to Monday, May 3, which would be added to Tuesday, May 4, if it is finally decided that election day is a holiday.

The idea has been raised by the spokesperson in the More Country Congress, Íñigo Errejón , who this Tuesday has asked the Government to declare May 4 a holiday in the Community of Madrid to ensure participation in these elections in the midst of a pandemic.

However, Montero has made it clear that the central government is not responsible for Díaz Ayuso deciding, “for partisan reasons”, to advance the elections in Madrid and that a measure like that should be taken, if deemed appropriate, by the Government of La Puerta. del Sol, not from the share of national holidays, but from Madrid regional holidays.

“It will be difficult for each time elections are called to hold a holiday. It cannot be the Government of Spain that is accompanying this call with this measure,” Montero insisted.

It has also had an impact on the central government that the election call seems “free” and in line only with the “political interests” of Díaz Ayuso, who “we had never heard that he was dissatisfied with his coalition government, quite the contrary.”

Montero has established a clear difference between the three electoral calls that have taken place during the pandemic, those of Catalonia due to the disqualification of Quim Torra, he said, and those of Galicia and the Basque Country because he played, and the decision of Díaz Ayuso.

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