Antonio David Says I’ll Talk When The Time Comes

Antonio David, after Rocío Carrasco’s documentary: “I’ll talk when the time comes, I’m very calm”. Antonio David Flores threatened to go to court.

Rocío Flores speaks after seeing her mother’s documentary: “I tried to enter the program, it was not left to me.” Rocío Carrasco, about Antonio David: “He grabbed my hair and hit me with his head on the table.”

After the documentary series Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive , many are the members of the Mohedano family who have spoken about the surprising statements of Rocío Carrasco . From Chayo to Rosa Benito , passing through Ortega Cano . But it is the reactions of some of those affected by this story that are most expected.

Rocío Flores already did it through Instagram, ensuring that they had not allowed her to enter the Sunday program by phone . But now it has been Antonio David who, with a couple of sentences, has made it clear how he is after this devastating documentary.

Antonio David Flores reacted completely in shock after learning that his ex, Rocío Carrasco, will break his silence, which has lasted 25 years, in a documentary that Telecinco is preparing and that will be broadcast soon.

Antonio David Flores speaks after Rocío Carrasco’s statements and threatens to go to court
Antonio Rossi already revealed in The Ana Rosa program this Monday that he had spoken with the former collaborator of Sálvame , who has been fired from all his projects in Mediaset , and said that he was holding on to the ” only reality there is, which is the judicial “.

“His ex-wife denounced him for gender violence and the case was dismissed. There has been no option or to open an oral trial,” added the journalist in the magazine . “He will go against anyone who tells him or points out him as an abuser .”

But this Tuesday, as readings has collected , a reporter was able to speak with him briefly: ” I will speak when the time comes. Nothing happens. I am very calm .”

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