Hispanic man asked a woman in line at a Publix

When a Hispanic man asked a woman in line at a Publix grocery store in Hialeah, an almost exclusively Hispanic city in South Florida, to maintain social distancing, she was furious, freaked out, and uttered racial slurs on her against.

But it did not stop there. Not content with the insults, the Mount Sinai Medical Center anesthesiologist, a faithful follower of Donald Trump , once in the parking lot also charged the man’s car, to whom he promised to “get rid of each and every one of his (his race)”.

Jennifer Susan Wright, 58, is an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center. Credit: Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation

The events occurred on January 20, 2021, the same day that Biden took office, but now Dr. Jennifer Susan Wright, 58, has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for that incident, according to the Miami Herald.


Wright has been charged with damage to the property of others, intimidation of a victim and assault with prejudice , raising the charges to the category of crime. She was arrested last Friday and later released on bail.

According to a report of the arrest, quoted by the Miami newspaper, the woman uttered a racial slur against Hispanics and told the man “We should have gotten rid of you when we could” and added: “This will not be Biden’s United States, it will be my America, “he said, finally adding,” We should have burned it all. ”

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It all started when, getting very close in line at the supermarket, a man asked him in Spanish to keep a safe distance. She ignored his words, so the man repeated them again, this time in English, and the woman began to swear and curse as the man finally took his purchase and headed out to the parking lot. But the woman followed him there and after continuing to insult him, she took out her keys and began to scratch the man’s car while saying “Go to your country,” according to court documents.

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